#My co-ownership's bank account

The benefits

In addition to allowing you to view your account balance in real time on the platform, this feature saves you time and avoids entry errors. Here’s how:

  • Your payments can be made directly from the platform, no need to go through your banking application anymore. These payments are automatically saved in the platform and nothing more needs to be done.
  • For any other outgoing payment – for example, a purchase in a shop using your co-ownership’s bank card – a payment line will automatically appear in the Syndic4you platform. All you have to do is indicate what this transaction is and link it to a supplier.
  • Incoming payments also appear directly on the platform. As for outgoing payments, you will only have to indicate what this transaction corresponds to and link it to a co-owner or a supplier.


A secure system

Good news: connecting your co-ownership’s bank account to the Syndic4you platform is totally secure.

This functionality has been implemented on our platform thanks to Ponto Connect, which specialises in linking bank accounts to online applications. Ponto Connect is a product of Isabel Group, one of the largest specialists in accounting software in Belgium.

This means there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to Ponto Connect, we offer you a secure process, supported by a company specialised in accounting software, which allows you to access your banking information directly via the Syndic4you platform.


Are you interested?


The connection of your bank account to the platform is included in our Premium and VIP subscriptions. To benefit from it, you simply need to connect your co-ownership’s bank account opened in a traditional bank to the Syndic4you platform (see the list of partner banks).

Do you want to benefit from this feature? Contact us, we’ll help you set it up!