#General Assemblies #Organise a General Assembly on the platform

The attendance quorum is reached, the General Assembly can start!

Go to step 4 In progress.

Here you will find all the items that have been put on the agenda. All the items pre-encoded by Syndic4you contain comments that are also pre-encoded to guide you through the meeting.

The items you have added to the agenda contain the comments you wrote when drafting the agenda.

Start each General Assembly with the first point: the election of a president and a secretary. As a reminder, the president is a co-owner and cannot be the building manager. The secretary is usually the building manager, unless the GA votes otherwise.

By clicking on each item, you can add comments (a summary of the discussions and decisions). When voting, tick the corresponding boxes for each co-owner: for, abstain* or against. The platform will automatically calculate the result of the vote and tell you whether the item is accepted or rejected.




When all the items have been discussed, you have the possibility to add more comments on the General Assembly at the bottom of the page (optional).

Once everything is complete, your meeting is over! You can proceed to step 5 to send the meeting report. To do so, click on Finish Meeting at the bottom right of the page.

*In case of abstention, the shares of the co-owners who abstain are not considered in the calculation of the results
For example: a co-ownership of 4 units where the co-owners are John 350/1000, Andrew 200/1000, Kate 200/1000 and Mary 250/1000. In a vote, those in favour are Andrew and Kate, John votes against and Mary abstains. The vote will therefore be accepted: the result is 400/750 since Mary’s shares do not count in the final result.