When a payment is made to your co-ownership’s account, it is automatically logged in the platform. All you have to do is allocate this payment to the right owner or supplier (if it is a credit note).

To do so, open the Accounting tab and then the Accounts and Payment Account or Reserve Account sub-tab depending on the account concerned by the incoming payment.

You will find a payment line dedicated to the payment that has been made to your co-ownership’s account. Click on the Allocate option available on this line.

In the window that opens, all you have to do is allocate (=assign) this payment to the co-owner or supplier who initiated it.

  • Allocate to: Choose whether this payment comes from an owner, supplier or if it is an internal transfer (from your reserve account to your payment account for example).
  • Then select the owner/supplier/account from which this payment comes.

To confirm, click on Allocate at the bottom right of the screen.

There, everything is in order!