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Extraordinary General Assemblies are all General Assemblies that are not the Ordinary General Assembly. Unlike Ordinary General Assemblies, Extraordinary General Assemblies are not mandatory.

Extraordinary General Assemblies are held when there are urgent decisions to be taken, and these cannot wait until the next Ordinary General Assembly.


The initiative to organise an Extraordinary General Assembly can come from either the building manager or the owners.

If the building manager considers that it is necessary to organise an Extraordinary General Assembly, they establish the agenda and send the invites to the co-owners at least 15 days before the General Assembly is held. However, if the urgency of a decision is such that it is impossible to wait 15 days, the building manager may waive this rule and not observe the time limit between the sending of the invites and the holding of the Extraordinary General Assembly.

The invites must contain the agenda, the place, date and time of the Extraordinary General Assembly as well as the modalities to consult the necessary documents.

If a co-owner wishes an Extraordinary General Assembly to be organised, they should contact their building manager in writing, specifying the items that should be on the agenda. It is then up to the building manager to organise the Extraordinary General Assembly.

You want to organise an Extraordinary General Assembly and have contacted your syndic but they are not responding? Find the procedure to follow on this page.