#Accounting management #Invoices

First, create an invoice for this purchase by going to the Accounting tab, the Suppliers sub-tab and clicking on Add Expense at the top right of the screen.

Reimburse co-owner 1

Fill in the window that opens, indicating the name of the supplier in the Supplier field. Note that this supplier must have been previously created in the platform.

add expense

After having created the invoice, go back to the Accounting tab and the Suppliers sub-tab. Select the option View Status for the supplier from whom the purchase was made.

Reimburse co-owner-2

There you will find the list of all the invoices related to this supplier. Select the Pay option on the line corresponding to the invoice of the purchase to be reimbursed to a co-owner.

Brico invoice

In the window that opens, check the pre-encoded information, and select the Reimbursement option.

Then select the owner who should receive the refund and enter their IBAN if not already done. Add a communication if necessary and click on Pay.

Brico - payement history

In the next step, check the information and click on Log transaction.

If your account is connected to the platform, the payment will be made automatically.

If your account is not connected to the platform, do not forget to make the transfer via your banking application or in any other way.