#General Assemblies #Organise a General Assembly on the platform

Today is the day of your General Assembly but not enough co-owners are present, the attendance quorum is not reached…


When registering presences, at step 3 of your General Assembly on the platform, a message indicates that the attendance quorum is not reached. Select the Postpone the assembly option at the top right of the Take presences box and confirm your choice in the window that appears.



You will then be redirected to the first step of your General Assembly organisation.


Choose the date and time of your new General Assembly. Change the location if necessary.

The agenda, which will be the same as that of the postponed General Assembly, is already filled in. You can now proceed to the sending of the invites.


On the day of the new General Assembly, take attendance. Even if the attendance quorum is not reached, the General Assembly can take place.

Click on To Meeting at the bottom right of your screen to proceed with your General Assembly.