#General Assemblies #Organise a General Assembly on the platform

Here we are, it’s the big day and the General Assembly is starting! How to register attendance?


Go to the General assemblies tab, select the View button related to today’s General Assembly and go to step 3 Registering presences (at the bottom right of your screen click first on To invites and then on Register presence).


You are now at step 3, you can register presence. For each co-owner, tick the box Present, Absent or Represented by. If a co-owner is represented by another co-owner or a third party, the representative must have a mandate* with voting instructions.


Under the list of co-owners, the platform will automatically indicate whether the attendance quorum is reached or not. If it is reached, your General Assembly can start! Go to the next step by clicking on To meeting at the bottom right of the screen.

If the attendance quorum is not reached, your meeting cannot take place and will have to be postponed. Click on Postpone the assembly at the top right of the Take presences window. This will take you back to step 1, where you can send out new invites.



*Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a mandate template.