#General Assemblies #Organise a General Assembly on the platform

In step 3, Send invites, you must first confirm your choice of General Assembly: physical, virtual or hybrid.


Then, scrolling down the page, you will find one invite per co-owner. This invite contains all the information you entered in the previous step.


To send all the invites at once, click on Send all at the top right of the window. To send them one by one, click on the three dots in the Actions column and select Send.

Invites that are sent by e-mail will be sent directly from the platform, you do not need to do anything else.

Invites to be sent by post will be downloaded to your computer. You will then have to print them out and post them.


After sending the invites, you can leave this page by going to a different page on the platform or by logging out. You will return to this page on the day of the General Assembly.