#Functioning and organisation of General Assemblies #General Assemblies

Before a General Assembly, the syndic must establish the agenda and communicate it to the co-owners via the invites (minimum 15 days before the General Assembly). How to define the items to be put on the agenda? How can a co-owner add an item to the agenda?


✔️ During an Ordinary General Assembly, certain items (such as the approval of the accounts for the past year, the budget for the coming year, the revision of suppliers, etc.) must mandatorily be discussed. To make things easier for you, Syndic4you has pre-encoded these items in the platform. In this way, nothing will be left out!

In addition to these predefined items, the building manager can take the initiative to add to the agenda any topics that they feel need to be discussed with the co-owners (such as future works, building maintenance, etc.).

The co-owners and the co-ownership council can also ask the building manager to add certain items on the agenda. These items must be communicated to the building manager in writing three weeks before the fortnight defined in the co-ownership regulations for the holding of the General Assembly. Items which are communicated too late and which cannot be included on the agenda of this General Meeting anymore must be included on the agenda of the next General Meeting (ordinary or extraordinay).


✔️ An Extraordinary General Assembly is held when a decision is “urgent” and cannot wait for the next Ordinary General Assembly. Therefore, the items on the agenda are those “urgent” matters that lead to the organisation of this extraordinary General Assembly.

This Extraordinary General Assembly can also be the opportunity to discuss certain less urgent matters, which can then be added to the agenda by the building manager.

The co-owners can also send their building manager additional items to be included on the agenda. This should preferably be done in writing, within a period of time that allows the syndic to send out the invitations 15 days before the Extraordinary General Assembly.


✔️ Occasionally, the co-owners may wish to organise an extraordinary General Assembly without waiting for the initiative of the building manager. In this case, a written request must be sent to the building manager, specifying the various items to be included on the agenda. The latter will then take care of organising the General Meeting.

Here is the procedure to follow if your building manager does not follow up on the request.


Tip: As a voluntary building manager, do not hesitate to inform your co-owners (by e-mail, letter, orally, etc.) that a General Assembly will be held soon. Ask them to send you the points they wish to discuss before a specific date. This will allow everyone to express themselves and to feel heard.