#June 2022 | New version my.syndic4you.be

Banking connection

To make the management of your accounting easier, you can now connect your bank account to our platform. But what are the benefits of connecting your account to the Syndic4you platform ? In addition to obvious time saving, you will no longer make any encoding error! What is it ? Where and how to start ? We tell you more in this article

Your condominium doesn’t have a bank account yet? No problem! You can now open an online Syndic4you account for your condominium. The advantages ? An easy opening process, no additional fees and a free payment card. But above all, your accounting could be managed and automated directly from the Syndic4you platform. More details here

⚙️ Improvements of the Accounting section

Allocation vs reconciliation

We dropped the reconciliation system for payments from co-owners. You can now simply associate these payments with a co-owner (no matter the amount and the link to a payment request).


New designs for the Owners and Suppliers sections.

The “owners” section shows all the requests and payments related to an owner for the current fiscal year.


The “suppliers” section shows all the invoices for a given supplier and a shortcut allow you to display all the open invoices.


But also…

In the Accounting section, you can now :

Good to know

Recurring provision requests are temporarily suspended. We are working on improving this system.

Do you still have any other question ? Feel free to search in our FAQ and contact us via email ([email protected]) or via the Intercom module available on the platform.