#Closing of the the financial year #Closing the financial year

Go to the Accounting tab and the Financial years sub-tab. Select the financial year you wish to close.


If a message appears at the top of the Individual reports page that opens, click on Generate new reports. This will allow the platform to update the reports with the latest transactions entered.

Then click on Close the current financial year on the right hand side of your screen. z


By clicking on Close the current financial year, a checklist pops up. This checklist contains the important steps to remember before closing your financial year.

In this checklist, check that the end date indicated corresponds to the end date of your financial year (note: the end date is not necessarily the date on which you close the financial year).

Once you are sure that you want to close the financial year, click on Close financial year at the bottom of the checklist.

That’s it, your financial year is closed!