#Functioning and organisation of General Assemblies #General Assemblies

Is your building manager no longer responding? Do they refuse to organise a General Assembly? Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. To ask your building manager to convene a General Assembly, you must first of all gather 20% of the shares in the building. That means that you should find owners representing 20% of the building shares all together, who are willing to request a General Assembly.
  2. Inform your building manager by registered letter that you wish to convene an Extraordinary General Assembly. Since the signatories of this letter must represent 20% of the shares in the building, remember to indicate the number of shares represented next to the name of each signatory, as well as the total reached.
  3. In this letter, also indicate the items on the agenda that you wish to discuss during the General Assembly.
  4. After receiving the registered letter, your building manager has 30 days to send you the invitations to the General Assembly.
    If they do not send the invites within these 30 days, the letter’s signatories are entitled to organise the General Assembly themselves.
  5. If this is the case, one of the letter’s signatories will be in charge of organising the General Assembly: they will set the agenda and send the invites at least 15 days before the General Assembly. Do not forget to send a registered letter to your trustee.