#My co-ownership's bank account

What does this mean?  S4Y_BlackCard

  • A 100% secure account.
  • Available in less than 72 working hours.
  • All your co-ownership’s accounts managed via the Syndic4you platform!
  • A Syndic4you expert to answer all your questions.

The account

Is it secure? Where is my money stored?

Yes, the Syndic4you co-ownership account is 100% secure:

    • Your Syndic4you co-ownership account is opened via our partner SWAN, a specialist in the integration of electronic payment functions.
    • SWAN has an e-money license supervised by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et Résolution – Banque de France), which is valid throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).
    • This co-ownership account is protected against fraud through double authentication. For each transfer, you will receive a code by text message to validate the transaction.
    • Financial guarantee: your money is covered up to €100,000 by the FGDR (Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution).

Can I be in overdraft with a Syndic4you account?

No, the Syndic4you payment account cannot be overdrawn.

Will my co-ownership account have an IBAN?

Yes, of course. Our partner SWAN providing and guaranteeing these accounts is French, so you will receive a French IBAN of type FR76 1732 8844 00XX XXXX XXXX XYY. This IBAN can be used throughout Europe as it would be with a Belgian IBAN.

Does the account belong to my co-ownership? Is it an account common to all Syndic4you co-ownerships? Who can access it?

The Syndic4you payment account belongs to your co-ownership. Each co-ownership has its own account (your co-ownership will therefore have its own IBAN). Only you and the authorised members of your co-ownership have access to it. Syndic4you has no access to your payment account.

Opening the account

Can my co-ownership open a Syndic4you payment account?

The only prerequisite is that your co-ownership must be registered with the CBE (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises). Not yet registered? Contact us!

How to open a Syndic4you payment account?

It’s very simple! It only takes a few minutes, and your account will be operational within 72 working hours.

1️⃣ Contact our customer service. We will guide you through the various steps of creating your account.

2️⃣ Log on to the platform of our partner SWAN and fill in some information about yourself and your co-ownership.

3️⃣ You receive an email from SWAN asking you to upload your supporting documents online (see next question).

4️⃣ SWAN checks your documents, and within 72 working hours your account is open and functional!

What supporting documents are required to open a Syndic4you account?

    • Your co-ownership’s registration number with the CBE (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises)
    • Your ID card (front and back, valid and in colour)
    • The CBE certificate justifying the existence of your co-ownership (screenshot of the whole page in PDF format)
    • A PDF version of your signed basic act
    • A PDF version of the signed report of the general assembly appointing you as the current syndic

With all these documents at hand, your account will be opened within 72 working hours!

Note: Swan may request certain additional documents from you in order to comply with its own regulatory obligations as an electronic money institution.

Can I open a reserve account?

It is possible to open a second Syndic4you account that will act as a reserve account for the management of your co-ownership’s reserve fund. This will not incur any additional costs.


Is there a payment card with the Syndic4you account?

Yes, you can request a free payment card.

How to make a transfer?

Simply go to the Syndic4you platform and make the transfer. In order to protect you against possible fraud, a double authentication will be necessary. For each transfer, you will receive a code by text message to verify your identity and validate the transfer.

How much does the Syndic4You co-ownership account cost?

The Syndic4you co-ownership account is offered to all our customers who have subscribed to a Premium or VIP subscription, at no extra cost.

Find all our offers on: https://www.syndic4you.be/en/prices