#Accounting management #Provisions for charges

At the Ordinary General Assembly, an amount is voted to cover the current expenses of the co-ownership for the coming year; this is called the budget. This amount must therefore be collected amongst the co-owners; this is called the provisions for charges.

We advise you to divide these provisions between the co-owners according to the shares in your basic act.


For example: It was voted that the budget for the coming year will amount to 2000€. It was also voted that this amount will be called quarterly by the syndic and distributed according to the distribution key of the basic act.

Once a quarter, the syndic will send a provision request of 500€ for the whole co-ownership (2000€ / 4 = 500€ per quarter). These 500€ will be divided between the co-owners according to the basic act distribution key and therefore according to their respective shares.